5 Reminders As You Pursue Your Goals

5 things to remember in pursuit of your goals

As we go through the day to day trials in our lives it can be easy to lose focus on our blessings. I recently thought back to my high school days. I was on my high school dance team and every year during Christmas time there was a tradition called progressive dinner.  Our entire dance team would go around to each other’s houses eating each phase of dinner at each location. We would finish off the night at our coach’s home exchanging gifts.

There was one house in particular that will always stand out to me. I remember this home because when our dance team arrived with our guests there was plenty of space for everyone. This house was HUGE! I asked my team member what in the world her parents did to have such a large house? The response “They work from home”. At the time my 15 year old brain did not attempt to understand how they could work from home. I just remember thinking…”That’s what I want to do, work from home!”

Fast forward 6 or 7 years and life happened. I was a struggling college graduate who had the slightest idea how this would be possible. In fact, it was a while before I even remembered the words that I spoke that evening. Well guess what? I now work from home. My house is not nearly as big as the one that I visited that night but my dreams are!

I want you to think about the desires of your heart that God has blessed you with! Was working from home, or being a stay at home mom a dream of yours as well? Maybe being a business owner, working full- time in ministry.... Are you living out that dream? You may not have the type of income that you thought you would. Your home office may currently be stowed away in some small corner of your house. However, I want you to know that YOU ARE BLESSED!

There are many who can only wish to be in your place. It is so important to celebrate your NOW on the way to where you desire to be.  I commend you for taking that leap of faith to go after what you feel called to do. Congrats! The moment that we lose sight of how blessed we are becomes the moment that we jeopardize making the impact that we were meant to make.

If you have a desire yet it seems to be a long shot, take it from me, with God ALL things are possible. Soon you will have your own story of how you were able to transition to your next goal. It may not be easy at all times but no matter what state you find yourself in as you read this I want you to never forget that you are blessed!  Here are 5 things that I think you should remember in your journey to accomplishing your goals.

  • PRAY: If you are at all confused of what you should be doing Pray! I start every morning in prayer not just because it sounds good but because God will order your steps!
  • Stay true to your vision: Don’t become easily swayed to do whatever is convenient but trust that God will provide through what He has called you to.
  • Don’t Grow Weary: It is so tempting to give up when we don’t see this journey working out as planned but often times people give up right when they are on the brink of something incredible.
  • Get organized: You can easily get overwhelmed and miss out on opportunities allowing you to work at home or be productive at home when you are unorganized. Create a schedule, maximize your to do list so that you can enjoy this experience.
  • Walk by Faith: What have you been praying for? Even if you cannot see it, don’t lose faith. If you have a business at home continue to work it as if you have already met your overall goals. If you can be faithful over the little you will soon be ruler over much.

Remember to DREAM BIG, live on purpose and of course Be Inspired!

~Erica Latrice