Simple Tips To Spice Up Your Home & Office

 I proudly admit that the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. I can go in there for hours and never get bored. I have been able to create some of the cutest yet inexpensive decorative items from that store spending less than $2. You might not realize this but your outer environment can be a reflection of what is going on internally. If you are ready to see things elevated, at peace and productive take a look at your surroundings.

Keeping in line with affordable items to spice up your home and/or office I want to share with you some cost effective projects that I have created.

You want to be in a space that you enjoy looking at and spending time in since that is where the bulk of your productivity takes place. With that being said, let’s get to it! Here are some quick and low cost ideas for you to spice it up!

  •  Window Treatment: Who ever said that only curtains can hang from your window? I have used table cloths, shower curtains, left over material from an event, and even two valances layered together to spice up my windows.  Don’t limit yourself to tradition. Get creative and make your home personal.
  • Storage Bins: Storage bins are so exciting to create because you can use most anything. In the past I had a surplus of diaper boxes so I flipped them inside out and, hot glued some leftover cloth on them and they made the cutest storage boxes. I have also purchased $1 plastic bins and bought $1 animal print duck tape to spice them up. Think out side of the box as you create your cost effective storage solutions.
  • Desks and Tables: I have to admit there is something that I love just as much as the Dollar Tree…Yard Sales and Freecycle. I have been able to take extra wood pieces to create some of the most modern and chic furniture. Don’t be ashamed to go vintage as you spice up the furniture in your home. Re purpose a TV stand or dresser by simply painting it a different color. Before you dish out dollars consider what you already have and how it can be transformed.

I have more ideas to come soon. In the meantime post your favorite diy tricks from spicing up your home and office decor.

Here is a picture of a reused cereal box 🙂