A task a day keeps procrastination away!

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I recently decided to to make a very important promise to myself. It is one that I will now make to myself on a daily basis. Are you ready for it?

That thought was to commit myself to just one task a day. If I can do more that, it will be wonderful! However, I plan to accomplish at least one thing on my list of tasks each day. I have been doing it for a little while now and it really works! Evidence of that is the fact that you are reading this blog post.This was my top task for the day.

I want to challenge you to try it if you haven't arleady. It is easy to get tempted to create a list of 500+ things that you need to have done by yesterday. Not only will this overwhelm you, it will more than likely ensure that nothing gets done.

Also, this is not just a bunch of tasks that have no real value. You have to commit to doing those BIG things that are going to make a significant difference in your day.  “Do the thing that you fear most first!” When you decide on your task for the day , don’t get intimidated. Get those big items out of the way. Challenge yourself to do the difference makers on your list. So lets make it simple..Here are 4 simple steps that you can take to apply this to your everyday life.