Just Say No!

7 SIGNS OF A (9)I am sure that we  have all done what I am about to share. We have found ourselves committed to one too many things and reached the point of burnout. Today someone that I love dearly came to me with yet another commitment. As I told this person yes to avoid hurting their feelings the weight of my yes sat heavily on my shoulders. In my mind I thought "Just say NO!" But I didn't, I said yes... Have you been there before?
Because of situations like this I see firsthand how powerful that little word "no" can be!  Imagine for just a moment how different your life would be had you said no to the smallest things. What if you said "No" to that second..or third helping at dinner? What if you said no to that time draining commitment that stretched you so thin that you couldn't focus on the important things in your life?