No could mean Go!

No could mean GO!

When I first launched my online ministry I was so excited. I remember writing down the names of all of the women in my life that I knew would be a great addition to the ministry. I went out and bought some expensive glossy paper. Created some letters and mailed these letters out as a proposal inviting these women to become a part of the launch of "Be Inspired!". Of course everyone was supposed to respond with a simple “YES!” and that would be the end of it, right?

The very first response that I received was a NO. I was so disappointed and if I can be honest with you I was ready to quit. I just knew that was the sign for me to give up and do something else. However, the drive inside of me and the assurance that what I was doing was what I was called to do was enough to keep going beyond that NO. I am so thankful that I did because everyone else responded with a yes.

If we are not careful we can allow a No to stop us in our tracks. Often times, that no is a simple test of your endurance. It may be a test of your desire to do what God is calling you to do. If everyone is not cheering for you and telling you yes that is okay. You just can not let that stop you. You have to know that the desire within you, the purpose in your heart far surpasses any obstacle standing in the way.

Simply put, God’s YES is far more powerful than any person’s no.  I now get excited when I start a project and the initial response is a no. In the grand scheme of things you will realize that obstacles weed out pretenders. If you are not serious about what you hope to accomplish any trial can knock you out. But when your desire to keep going is stronger than your opposition you will see the fruit in the end.

I discovered something else with my first no. At that time I felt weak. I wanted to quit but I experienced first hand that God’s strength is truly made perfect in our weakness. You don’t have to become some emotionally absent bulldozer to overcome opposition. Simply put , your trust in God to know that if He is calling you to do something you can’t just stop because someone told you no. You will gain the necessary strength to carry out whatever task that you need to carry out. Feel free to share your comments of overcoming the dreaded no....

Remember to DREAM BIG live on purpose, and Be Inspired!

~ Erica Latrice

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