SHIP it!

ShipIn the past I had a HORRIBLE habit. I remember when I would spend hours, days and sometimes weeks working on projects that I thought would help the masses! I would get so excited and tell maybe one or two people what I was working on. After all of the hard work I would sit back and admire all that had been accomplished. That's it... Nothing more...Just admire it. Never tell another soul. Never get the word out. I was too afraid of what people would say.

What if no one wanted to buy the book?....what if no one showed up to the event that i so eagerly planned? what if no one visited the website that I had up and running?

So there it would sit..collecting dust....

I heard an eye opening message that changed this all. To get straight to the point...ship it! The message was all about shipping your ideas after completion. You might be just like me. Afraid to take the MOST important step in your creative process. Getting it out to the world!

What do you have sitting around waiting to be shipped? What event has gone unannounced? What book has been unread? What ministry is being hidden?

I challenge you today to ship it!

Erica Latrice

Embody The Movement, Empower Your Life!

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