Slap Your Adversity

If you have faced any challenges or are going through any type of adversity I pray that this message blesses you. When we are faced with adversity we have a crucial decision to make. We can let it overtake us and give up or we can fight back and keep moving forward.

I want to challenge you today to slap your adversity! When adversity is knocking you down and telling you to give up, go in a corner and cry your life away…I want you to get up, slap it back and keep going.

Each week I lead a coaching call and this week I had the privilege of hearing my clients slap their adversity! It may sound simple or even silly but I believe that it can be very powerful. Often times when we face setbacks in life we feel that we are entitled to be down. We feel an entitlement to give up…after all , you lost a loved one, your marriage failed, you lost your job, your kids hate you etc. Whatever your challenge may be I have discovered that we have the power to not let it keep us down. We have the power to not sulk but celebrate.

What are we celebrating you may be wondering? Well if you are dealing with a challenge that means that you are still breathing. If you still have breath in your body, God sees it fit for you to live another day on this earth. Each day that we have on this earth is yet another opportunity to maximize every aspect of our lives.

So I ask, are you ready to slap your adversity? I want you to decide how the adversity in your life can be a stepping stone for you. How can that heartache be the driving force for you to go beyond what you thought yourself capable to do? What is that thing that you would need to see take place in your life to overcome this challenge?

I want you to take some time to write down the area that is challenging you the most. The next thing that I want you to do is seriously consider what is available to you to do right now that could help you overcome that challenge. I do understand that some areas of adversity may not even be intended for you to overcome but rather to simply move forward. If that is the case for you I want you to write down what it would feel like to move forward from this challenge.

Whether you are dealing with a significant loss, some type of disappointment or pain I know and can tell you that God is greater than anything that you may be facing. Put it in His hands and He will direct your steps.

Finally after identifying your areas of adversity and ways of overcoming I want you to put your trust in God and DO IT!! Do the thing that you wrote down. Go full force into the direction of planting seeds for tomorrow and not dragging weeds from yesterday. Are you with me? It is time to slap adversity and move forward.