To My Children : 12 Parents Open Up About Why They Work

The Huffington Post partnered with Chevrolet to acknowledge a day where an estimated 39 millions American adults will participate in taking their children to work with them.


I had the wonderful opportunity to share my "Why" for working with the Huffington Post.


There are times in our lives when it can feel as if there will never be sunshine in the midst of so many clouds. I want to remind you today that God is truly a restorer. I will never forget the feelings of anxiety and sadness after losing most every material possession that I owned 4 years ago. I thought at that time that it would have to take a miracle before things would ever turn around. Within months people and opportunities came seemingly out of nowhere to help me, many of them having no clue of what I had gone through. The picture above is a reminder to me that all that I thought was lost has been completely restored!

I hope that you are encouraged today to trust God with your situation and even when it gets tough....Keep Moving Forward!

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