Why Do We Hate Valentine’s Day?

Why do so many people seem to have disgust for Valentine's day? I have no idea 🙂

You have probably already seen or heard it. (if not wait for it...)

The people that say "Why can't you show love all year round...why do you have to wait for Valentine's day!?!"

While this is a great point (because showing love is just lovely)...I have noticed that most of the people that share this view celebrate birthdays.

Does celebrating a person's birthday give them less value throughout the rest of the year? Should you start telling them "happy birthday" everyday? Does recognizing an anniversary mean that for the 364 other days of the year you didn't really care?

With that reasoning we essentially shouldn't celebrate anything because it can be done everyday. Maybe I'm over simplifying it but when did we get to a place where every time a holiday comes around people start complaining?

If the perspective is to not commercialize things that have a deeper meaning, sure I can understand. However, there is no shortage of negativity, sadness, tragedy, and out right craziness going on ALL year round.

Anytime that we are able to stop and celebrate something I think it is truly a blessing. It is so easy to get caught up in the every day routine of life that reminders to stop and enjoy the moment should be welcomed. In fact I'm down for even more holidays! How about water bottle day, or egg whites for breakfast day? lol

If you choose not to celebrate, I get it. But don't be Debbie/Dave downer for everyone else that wants to look forward to celebrating whenever the opportunity arises. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below.


Erica Latrice

Erica is the founder of Be Inspired! and hosts the weekly soft news & talk show "Be Inspired! with Erica Latrice" . She loves Coffee, High fives and most of all her two best friends her daughter and son Constance & Joshua. Stay connected with Erica Here on Facebook Here on Instagram or Here on Periscope. Be Inspired!